Maximising asset income and value is an ever-increasing challenge as consumers become ever more sophisticated and continually have access to more choice, both in terms of locations and purchase methods.

FSP believes the key to success is a clear understanding of the available market and consumer characteristics. This then feeds into a clear tenant mix strategy to ensure the retail and leisure offer is appropriate to target customers, which will, in turn, assist in maximising sales and improving rent sustainability. 

FSP’s Market Intelligence reports provide a clear understanding of potential challenges and clear, strategic recommendations for future asset strategy. 

Each report FSP produces is bespoke, and the precise make up of a Market Intelligence report will depend on client requirements. 

In the last 3 years alone FSP has produced approximately 300 Market Intelligence reports across a wide range of assets, both in the UK and in Europe, including town centres, shopping centres, retail parks, outlet centres and leisure parks. FSP applies the experience gained from each of these to all subsequent projects and continues to develop new tools to ensure that its cutting edge analysis continues to provide insight into the latest market trends. 

While the precise make up of a Market Intelligence report will be depend on the needs of a given asset, a typical project includes: 

  • Catchment Definition
  • Demographic data
  • Trading Gap Analysis – identifying realistic market gaps
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) benchmarking against national averages
  • Retailer Risk Analysis
  • Asset Strategy Recommendations

FSP’s Market Intelligence reports are designed to be used by Asset Management, Leasing and Marketing teams on an ongoing basis and form an essential part of FSP’s Leasing Support  service

FSP has assisted many clients in understanding the full potential of their Asset. Contact FSP to find out more.

  • Over the past few years, FSP's research has provided Argent with in-depth understanding of the current and future potential of King's Cross as a retail and leisure destination, helping to inform key strategic decisions

    Frederique Siegel|Project Manager, Argent (Property Development)Services LLP

  • FSP produced summary research to help market our scheme to retailers. It has been gold for our agents.

    Ian Sanderson|Director, Chester Properties

  • The FSP research helped our understanding of the Park’s shoppers and provided information that assisted our discussions with target retailers. The bespoke reports provide key benchmark statistics and quantify the profit opportunities to retailers. They also help illustrate to landlords the scope for future growth and can formulate part of an asset management strategy.

    Mark Phelps|Equity Partner, Wilkinson Williams

  • Manchester City Council worked with FSP to understand the City Centre's shopper audience and how we can attract more shoppers to Manchester. The depth of understanding has helped inform our marketing, regeneration and growth strategies for the City Centre. Their consultative approach got to the heart of the issues and helped facilitate partnership working for all stakeholders.

    Peter Richards|Insight & Planning Manager, Manchester City Council

  • We wanted to build on our understanding of the Menkind customer profile and buying habits. Having this defined view of our customer really means we can develop a product strategy that responds to their preferences and needs. It’s vital that we demonstrate how well we understand our customer through our product range so we will be building this into our strategy.

    Paul Kaufman|Chief Executive, Menkind