FSP undertakes around 50 Retail, Shopping & Leisure Park consultancy projects every year, totalling more than 5 million sqft.  Our recommendations are supported by an innovative database which links retail park locations, occupiers and catchment demographics which allows us to quickly access critical information on nearly 2,000 sites across the UK.  

FSP’s senior consultants have previously held key location investment decision-making roles at fashion, personal goods, grocery and household goods retailers and this experience allows us to ensure that our approach is appropriate, our outputs are accurate and our reports bring places to life in a way that many ‘top down’ consultancies cannot. 

Offering all manner of services to suit every requirement and budget, from impact analysis to leasing support, FSP helps clients deliver the full potential of their out of town assets.  

Project instructions have varied from the UK’s most significant shopping parks e.g. Fosse Shopping Park, Silverlink Shopping Park, Birstall Shopping Park, etc. to smaller, bulky-goods focused retail parks.  Our clients include the Crown Estate, Legal & General, Aviva, LaSalle, Schroders, M&G, TH Real Estate and St Modwen.

With strong experience and the support of our own bespoke database, we are able to offer support to all types of retail, shopping and leisure parks.  FSP’s key services include:

  • Impact Analysis

Understanding the future impact of changes caused by your own or nearby developments are of high importance, whether you are an investor, asset manager or developer.  To assist, FSP has developed (alongside UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) its own IMPACT gravity model, which is able to quantify the effect of future developments.  The applications vary from assessing the potential of a future site, to estimating the benefits of major road improvements to understanding threats from competing developments.

  • Market Intelligence

As an investor or asset manager, fully understanding the opportunities for your asset’s growth is essential for guiding future investment and management.  FSP provides deep understanding of a location’s catchment and demographics, prioritises opportunities for future trading growth, evaluates competitive threats and better understands shoppers using quantitative and qualitative techniques.  This gives clients comprehensive knowledge of possibilities, challenges and key interventions which underpin management pathways for the future.

  • Pre-Acquisition

A complete and timely picture of the costs, benefits and opportunities relating to a proposed purchase is absolutely key for successful investments.  FSP’s Pre-Acquisition reports estimate sales and space conversion, provide sustainable rent analysis, highlight long term viability and identify opportunities for growth and vulnerabilities.  Given that time is always tight where acquisitions are concerned, FSP can provide comprehensive reports and recommendations within two weeks if necessary. 

  • Marketing

FSP offers a range of products to assist marketing activities, including intercept and shopper surveys, bespoke catchment analysis and focus groups. This research enables the identification of specific shopper types and targets, in turn providing information for marketing teams to be able to target specific groups or areas within the catchment – this can help boost footfall and sales, whilst giving a focus to future promotion efforts. Specifically for retail, shopping and leisure parks, FSP can offer our clients a short drivetime-focused document giving a detailed overview of a park’s catchment area, demographics, competitors, similar parks and even potential for future tenants, dependent on your requirements.

  • Leasing Support

Park management, leasing agents and asset managers are all in pursuit of the best retail mix for their park.  FSP can assist in delivering the ideal offer for shoppers by highlighting the potential of a scheme to prospective tenants through ad hoc Leasing Summaries, Turnover Estimates or Profit & Loss analysis.  These services utilise FSP’s unparalleled retail experience and such is the success of the approach, we typically provide 300 to 400 leasing support outputs every year.  
FSP can also be retained to assist with leasing on a longer term basis, helping to implement recommendations and support discussions with target retailers.  

  • Retail Risk Analysis

A single empty unit at a retail park can have a more significant impact on rental income than at large shopping centre assets and it is therefore important for investors and asset managers to identify future income risks and growth potential.  With over 40 years’ experience, FSP’s consultants have an impressive track record in producing accurate sales estimates which we combine with a unique Retailer Database which records the individual business characteristics of every major out-of-town occupier to understand store profitability.  This approach allows FSP to build up a picture of the sustainability of current rental income and the risk to future rental income at asset level.


  • FSP provides a commercial 'reality check' of 'demand' based on actual market analysis and the socio-economic composition of the catchment which then needs to be considered alongside 'theoretical' capacity figures. This provides an added dimension when considering and understanding development proposals and one that tends to be overlooked by many planning and property professionals

    Adrian Swift|Chief Planning Office, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

  • FSP is a long standing consultancy partner to L&G providing clear, concise, insightful research to our Asset teams.  Their work helps us understand the interaction of our shoppers and retailers to ensure that the investment performance of our shopping centres and retail parks is optimised.  We also use FSP to assist in the evaluation of potential acquisitions including our recent purchase of Fremlin Walk, Maidstone.

    Bill Hughes|Managing Director, Legal & General Property

  • FSP’s leasing support documents have helped us engage with retailers such as Decathlon, TK Maxx and Wilko across a variety of out of town locations

    Richard Allsop|Retail Partner, Morgan Williams

  • FSP has helped us to identify the core customer at our retail park assets and also provided targeted research support during on-going leasing discussions

    Paul Chester|Senior Asset Manager, Legal & General Investment Management

  • We wanted to build on our understanding of the Menkind customer profile and buying habits. Having this defined view of our customer really means we can develop a product strategy that responds to their preferences and needs. It’s vital that we demonstrate how well we understand our customer through our product range so we will be building this into our strategy.

    Paul Kaufman|Chief Executive, Menkind