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November 2017

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Worrying times for retailers

As 2017 draws to a close, the recent spell of administrations shows that retail is facing a tough time. FSP can draw on its 40 years experience in the market and vast retailer knowledge to help you navigate these challenging times. Read on to find out how. 


Retail Burn by FSP

This month, we've got a mix of names featuring for a number of different reasons.

The most talked about retailers, according to the Retail Burn, include Lidl, Asos, Oak Furniture Land and Quiz all reporting positive news stories, and Game, New Look, BrightHouse, Feather & Black, Multiyork and Shoon, where the news hasn't been so great. 

The FSP database shows plenty of good news about Lidl as it continues to gain sales and market share in the grocery market. 

At the other end of the scale is Shoon, Multiyork and Feather & Black, having all fallen into administration.

HOT 100

FSP analyses retailer accounts to understand their financial health and sustainability. Those with good scores in these areas feature in our Hot 100.

HOT 100 retailers by FSP

The Hot 100 in November 2017 included;

  1. Subway; continuing to expand, with a focus on the South Coast 
  2. Cineworld Cinema; to become the world's second largest cinema chain following Regal acquisition
  3. Adidas; posts rising quarterly sales thanks to expansion in the US and China
  4. Michael Kors; names new chief brand officer
  5. Card Factory; continues its strong financial performance 
  6. Next; trials a shop-in-shop concept in Tesco's Surrey Quays Extra store
  7. Pets at Home continues to make strong financial gains
  8. Hugo Boss to open in Southampton's Westquay shopping centre

Retail News Index

UK Retail News Index by FSP

The November RNI index for All Retailers, at 103, has decreased by 5.

  • Leisure, at 120, has increased by 10.
  • Clothing & Footwear, at 90, has remained the same.
  • Household, at 105, has increased by 6.
  • Personal, at 105, has increased by 4.
  • Grocery, at 104, has decreased by 5.
  • Food & Beverage, at 109, has decreased by 12.

For the full report, click here.

FSP on average reviews over 350 unique items of retailer news. Each article is scored according to sentiment. RNI is the sum of these scores indexed against 2005 and averaged over a three month period. The RNI time series for all retailers starts from May 2002.

Retailer Births & Deaths

Retailers in administration and new retailers

There were 3 administrations recorded in November: Feather & Black, Multiyork and Shoon. 

There were 9 new additions to the FSP Retailer Database in October, with 2 new retailers launching in the UK market: American diner Denny's, and Neon Sheep, a homeware, gifts, accessories and stationery retailer launched by the founder of Mountain Warehouse.