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Rates Change and Living Wage Hikes: What impact will these have on retailers in your Centre?

FSP has a long history of assessing the level of rental risk retailers are under, having conducted sustainable rents analysis  for  some of the UK’s biggest retail property owners and investors,  including L&G, M&G, Aviva, Redefine and Sovereign Land.

FSP uses sophisticated model accounts analysis to create P&Ls for the majority of national multiple retailers, and uses this as a base for assessing performance at unit level, providing a valuable insight into performance and profitability. This helps landlords to be proactive by highlighting struggling retailers and identifying units that are over/under-rented..

Retail Burn by FSP


This month, as usual, the big national chains attract the most press. The most talked about retailers, according to the Retail Burn, include: Aldi, H&M, Greggs, Tapi, The Entertainer, Jones Bootmaker, Agent Provocateur, Ness Clothing, Armani Exchange AX and Viva Brazil.

The retailer with the highest number of positive news articles in February was Aldi, who continues to expand and record growth in both sales and market share.

At the other end of the scale is Viva Brazil which was subject to a pre-pack administration at the beginning of February.



HOT 100 retailers by FSP

HOT 100

The Range features in FSP's Hot 100 as it has made a profit in every one of the years since FSP started analysing its retailers accounts in 2004.;The Hot 100 in February 2017 included;

  1.  Introducing David Boynton as its new CEO,  Charles Tyrwhitt
  2.  Launching a new department store  concept, Edinburgh Woollen Mill
  3.  Recording quarterly sales growth, Swatch
  4.  Upsizing at East Kilbride Shopping Centre,  River Island
  5.  Diversifying its store portfolio, The Range
  6.  Consistently performing well, Primark
  7.  Posting rising half-year sales, DFS
  8.  Creating a statement store at Bluewater,  The White Company

Retail News Index

UK Retail News Index by FSP

The FSP Retail News Index is a 3 month moving average measure of sentiment in reported retail news stories.

 The February RNI index for All Retailers, at 103, has increased by 1.

  •   Leisure, at 113, has increased by 3.
  •   Clothing & Footwear, at 93, has increased by 1.
  •   Household, at 108, has increased by 6.
  •   Personal, at 96, has decreased by 1.
  •   Grocery, at 98, has decreased by 7.
  •   Food & Beverage, at 114, has increased by 10.

For the full report, click here.

FSP on average reviews over 350 unique items of retailer news. Each article is scored according to sentiment. RNI is the sum of these scores indexed against 2005 and averaged over a three month period. The RNI time series for all retailers starts from May 2002.

Retailer Births & Deaths

Retailers in administration and new retailers

There was 1 administration recorded by FSP in February: Viva Brazil, which was rescued via a pre-pack deal.

There were 8 new additions to the FSP Retailer Database in February, with 2 new retailers proposing to enter the UK market: H&M's Weekday fascia, and US burger concept Habit Burger.