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SnapShop is FSP’s online resource, provided specifically to consultancy clients, providing an insight into all major UK retailers plus some smaller, regional companies and selected online and specialist businesses. SnapShop is also available to Shopping Centre Managers using STAR

SnapShop - Retailer Research by FSP

As one of the most trusted names in retail business consultancy, FSP has extensive knowledge of the sector which helps us to select and analyse key data to bring our clients and a unique perspective on current trends and performance. To provide our clients with sound, reasoned and informed advice, FSP has at its fingertips a vast array of data sources, including its own Retail Database.  External access to this retail intelligence is provided via our website

SnapShop is a window onto the FSP Retail Database. Provided exclusively for FSP clients, SnapShop ensures they have key information about retailers at their fingertips, including:

  • Retailer overview/ownership history and fascia photographs
  • Retailer categorisation based on merchandise, price positioning and target customer profiling
  • Head Office contact details
  • Retailer sales results split by division and reporting period
  • Official retailer accounts information, including analysis
  • Retailer store numbers and distribution details, plus average sales area and density figures
  • Rent information for specific store locations across the UK
  • Items from the news

With powerful search functionality, SnapShop enables FSP clients to find the right piece of retailer information at the right time, whilst also giving them an overview of the retail sector with relevant retail and economic statistics and a regularly updated blog

SnapShop also hosts SnapShop Plus, a Client Relationship Management service providing a central resource for asset managers to record and share with their teams contact details, meeting notes and general information  

Finally, SnapShop hosts STAR, FSP’s market leading sales recording service.  Further information can be found here