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With FISH blazing a trail for customer segmentation in fashion retail, FSP sought to replicate this for F&B and, in 2017, launched MENU.

Bespoke research and analysis led to the finding that there are two main drivers of F&B demand;   respondent life stage and the occasion, or the ‘mindset’, one is in. These two variables provided statistically the most significant variances in terms of F&B demand.

This allowed us to segment the market and the total F&B spend between the categories. This is easily represented on the MENU segmentation matrix.

With an investment in property location, FSP can use MENU to help:

  • Quantify demand for your location
  • Assess existing provision to identify over-provision and gaps
  • Create the optimal F&B operator mix provision for your location, matching demand
  • Compare locations and provide a compelling case for target operators
  • Drive customer satisfaction, footfall, visit frequency and spend
  • Strengthen lease negotiation position, drive rental growth and increase asset value in the longer term

Our F&B segmentation system, MENU, combines mindset and occasion for those eating out.  From this base, with our data resources and insight on people, their spending ability and their demographic profile; our understanding of the operators themselves and our knowledge of existing leisure locations we can ensure you get your tenant mix or location strategy right.

All F&B operators on the FSP Retail database and available through SnapShop have been categorised with a MENU classification

FSP's MENU Matrix