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Is fashion retail a bit of a headache for you?  The market In any developed country is huge but how do you know what those potential customers are interested in? What will appeal to them? What will draw them to your centre? Which fashion retailers match your tenant mix strategy? As a retailer, where can you find the right customers?

With so much rental income tied up in Clothing & Footwear it’s not just important to get it right; it’s crucial to the value of your asset. Similarly, retailers need to know their location strategy is targeted to their core customers

FSP can help

Our fashion segmentation system, FISH, combines attitudes and behaviours of shoppers, measuring not only how they think of themselves, but also the image they wish to portray.  From this base, with our resources on shoppers, their spending ability and their demographic profile; our understanding of the retailers themselves (all classified by FSP) and our knowledge of existing shopping locations we can ensure you get your tenant mix or location strategy right.

Categorising retailers by FISH

FISH has its roots in the original FSP classification of merchandise perception groups (Fashionable, Individual, Safe and Homely) which, along with five self-perception groups (Young, Assured, Family, Classic and Old), create specific market segments for individual fashion retailers.  With the evolution of fashion and the increasing tendency for no-one to see themselves as Old, the unused segments of the matrix have been dropped.

FSP can assess the degree of spending per segment within a particular catchment and, by placing operators within their predominant category, assess the relevance of the existing offer and the greatest opportunities to increase turnover and value.

An absence of providers in any of these segments can be easily identified, the opportunity quantified and suitable target operators approached to help rectify any imbalance.

For retailers, knowing the customer and identifying, through FISH, suitable compatible brands, makes identifying locations a logical and rational process

The mix of FISH categories varies widely across centres, according to role, location and customer profile. FSP research shows that the largest group, Family fashion retailers, dominates fashion floor space in all three location types: town centres, shopping centres and regional malls. However, shopping centres and regional malls have a greater proportion of space devoted to Young and Assured fashion than town centres and this specialisation becomes more extreme for more metropolitan catchments. The best Outlet Centres take the provision of Assured fashion even further

FSP's Example FISH Grid

FISH is one analysis tool in our armoury. Speak to us to find out what we can do to help you make smarter decisions, reduce your risks and ensure your retail property investments are profitable