Author: Marketing, 20 January 2017

FSP featured in Retail Gazette, in a piece about the high street.

We don’t really buy into death of the high street; there’s always going to be winners and losers. Yes, there’s an inevitable consolidation of the high street but I don’t see this concern being offset by the recent Christmas figures. Despite this, footfall may not be the most accurate indicator of the high streets current health.

Andrew McVicker

"Our national research shows that footfall doesn’t necessarily equal turnover and while footfall may be up versus previous years, shoppers perceive their spend per visit to be going down. 

Instead, we’re seeing a trend towards the rise of the savvy, experiential shopper, opting for higher frequency, lower spend visits. People need to go out in the world to see touch and experience but unless the experience and offer is compelling, they will go home and buy online."

Read the full article in Retail Gazette here.

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