Author: Ken Gunn, 22 May 2017

It is with personal sadness but warm wishes that I announce the retirement of Jo Hewson and John Fell as of July 31 2017.

First learning their trade in the fashion industry, John joined FSP in 1994 while Jo joined in 2000.  Both quickly made an impression with clients and were appointed to the board early in their FSP careers.  As the company grew, they led the executive team, taking on the roles of Finance Director and Managing Director respectively in 2012.  

Individually, Jo and John have made outstanding contributions to the retail property industry, using their considerable knowledge of retailers, awareness of evolving shopping trends and determination to develop the most suitable solutions to help FSP’s clients achieve their goals. 

Together, Jo and John represent a formidable double act which has helped FSP become one of the UK’s leading retail property consultancies.  Their enthusiasm to develop people has ensured that their skills and experience will remain at the heart of FSP’s approach for years to come and they have imprinted a reputation for honesty, hard-work, outstanding customer service and forward thinking on FSP’s current crop of consultants.

Jo and John will leave FSP with an experienced management team in place, on an upward growth curve and well placed to help clients deliver success in the challenging times ahead.

FSP is indebted to their vision and commitment and I hope that you will join me in wishing Jo and John a happy, relaxing and well-deserved retirement.

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