Author: Marketing, 14 September 2017

Revo is just around the corner and we have some really exciting news to share with you!

With some established and not-so-established F&B operators slowing down openings, struggling or even entering into administration, there’s a lot of talk about the proverbial F&B ‘bubble’ bursting.

It’s not only the operators who are becoming increasingly cautious about opening new units, however. We’re also seeing asset managers and investors concerned about the strength of new lease deals and the progressively limited rental value growth delivered by F&B operators.

Being in the business of helping all who are invested in retail property to succeed, FSP spotted a gap in the market in terms of how operators, asset managers and investors can increase their understanding about the demand side of the market and how to match this demand with the most relevant operators on a location by location basis. 


FSP’s nationwide survey, launched in Spring 2017, provided an in-depth look into F&B demand among the various demographic profiles and geographical locations across the country. We wanted to understand the potential size of F&B markets; who wants what; what does and would work where and where the best development opportunities lie. After six months of statistical analysis and modelling, we’re now launching our F&B demand segmentation model, MENU.

Saving the finer details for the official launch at Revo, this model allows us to quantify demand by category, segment and customer profile across the country, helping both investors and operators navigate this uncertainty. 

Stand 52 at 4pm on Wednesday 20th September. Pop that in the diary if you’d like to hear how our platform can help you create the most suitable F&B provision for any given location in the UK. Hope to see you all there - drinks will be on us!”

Harri Jaaskelainen

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