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New Days for department stores?

Author: Bekki Ellis, 14 June 2017

FSP looks at the newly launched department store concept, Days, and why it is such a rarity on the high street.

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FSP View: Village Life

Author: Sam Fox, 01 February 2017

As former retailers, FSP uses the same location assessment techniques used by commercial occupiers. FSP has provided strategic advice on a number of residential lead developments, focussing on the retail and leisure space.

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Has Brexit bred vacancies?

Author: Catherine Fenning, 23 September 2016

Store closures have accelerated rapidly in recent months. Is Brexit to blame or is there more to this than meets the eye. After all, the overall count of vacant units has declined in the past year

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The rise of the independent roaster…

Author: Bekki Ellis, 23 March 2016

Coffee shops – once upon a time they used to be hard to find with many towns only having a single operator; nowadays with the UK hosting over 20,000 coffee shops it’s hard not to bump into one.

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Pop-ups continue to shape the future of the high street

Author: Bekki Ellis, 09 March 2016

With the ever-increasing shift in shopping habits to online, it has been well publicised that the high street needs to adapt in order to survive.

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Sunday trading relaxation – good or bad?

Author: Bekki Ellis, 11 February 2016

The relaxation of Sunday trading laws has been the cause of debate among many for some time now, dividing MPs and retailers alike. Some say the change will help reverse the ailing British high street, others say it will push it into further decline.

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Sunday Trading – Do we need more hours?

Author: Marketing, 16 November 2015

The debate around Sunday trading has once again reared its head with those on both sides of the argument keen to put their side across. The current round of discussions has a new twist with the SNP joining forces with other MPs to force the governmen

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Is this the death of the high street?

Author: Marketing, 19 June 2015

Back in March, FSP commented on the announcement of the government’s review of business rates. At the time, it was believed that the key objectives were to make the changes simple, proportionate and, from a timing point of view, more realistically li

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Westminster Social Policy Forum – Summary

Author: FSP Retail, 10 February 2015

FSP director, Ken Gunn, spoke at the Westminster Social Policy Forum on 3rd February. The Forum was a keynote seminar on the subject of Building on success for town centres: best practice, policy priorities and competing in the digital age.

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Shopper footfall in the UK has increased, with out-of-town locations and shopping centres proving a bigger attraction than the high street.

Author: Marketing, 18 February 2014

Data from the BRC/Springboard Monitor has shown that overall shopper footfall in the UK rose 1.6% year-on-year over the festive period, November 2013 to January 2014, which is the highest showing since December 2011. In contrast to the overall ris

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