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Rates Change and Living Wage Hikes: What impact will these have on retailers in your Centre?

Author: Melanie Marriott, 02 March 2017

FSP looks at what impact business rates changes and living wage increases will have on retailers in your Centre.

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FSP View: Village Life

Author: Sam Fox, 01 February 2017

As former retailers, FSP uses the same location assessment techniques used by commercial occupiers. FSP has provided strategic advice on a number of residential lead developments, focussing on the retail and leisure space.

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Workers' Welfare vs Fast Fashion

Author: Melanie Marriott, 25 January 2017

Monday night’s Dispatches episode showed the price people pay for fast fashion – not the bargains consumers are bagging, but the plight of people producing these garments. So will this exposé alter the way people shop?

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FSP View: Festive cheer makes way for challenging year ahead

Author: Bekki Bedford, 19 January 2017

Christmas sales reports are a unique opportunity to compare and contrast many different retailer performances at a moment in time. While reporting protocols may vary the headlines in the days after the Christmas break...

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Confused? That’s Christmas!

Author: Marketing, 13 January 2017

The retailing landscape continues to change, so it is no surprise that the UK’s Brexit-frenzied media appears to sensationalise every Christmas trading result. With low consumer confidence and declining footfall...

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Ed’s Easy Diner – Strategy or Execution?

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 04 January 2017

The American retro style casual dining brand Ed’s Easy Diner has hit tough times. The operator, which specialises in all-American fare complete with burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes.

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A festive outlook for retail?

Author: Heidi Roberts, 21 December 2016

The Christmas shopping period got off to a bumpy start, but whatever the outturn, FSP will monitor and report on Christmas Sales in January

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FSP View – Vinyl turning the tables

Author: Bekki Bedford, 16 December 2016

With the recent news that sales of vinyl have overtaken those of digital for the first time in the UK, FSP takes a look at its resurgence over the past year.

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Black Friday – an online success?

Author: Bekki Bedford, 09 December 2016

Following our blog last month on what we thought Black Friday would bring to the UK retail industry, FSP now takes a look at whether the event was the online success it was forecast to be.

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FSP View: Post-Christmas Blues

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 08 December 2016

Some of the more eager folk will have barely let their Christmas meals settle before rushing off to the post-Christmas sales. Shoppers in the UK spent an estimated £3.74bn on Boxing Day last year.

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