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FSP View: Village Life

Author: Sam Fox, 01 February 2017

As former retailers, FSP uses the same location assessment techniques used by commercial occupiers. FSP has provided strategic advice on a number of residential lead developments, focussing on the retail and leisure space.

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Workers' Welfare vs Fast Fashion

Author: Melanie Marriott, 25 January 2017

Monday night’s Dispatches episode showed the price people pay for fast fashion – not the bargains consumers are bagging, but the plight of people producing these garments. So will this exposé alter the way people shop?

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FSP View: Festive cheer makes way for challenging year ahead

Author: Bekki Bedford, 19 January 2017

Christmas sales reports are a unique opportunity to compare and contrast many different retailer performances at a moment in time. While reporting protocols may vary the headlines in the days after the Christmas break...

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Confused? That’s Christmas!

Author: Marketing, 13 January 2017

The retailing landscape continues to change, so it is no surprise that the UK’s Brexit-frenzied media appears to sensationalise every Christmas trading result. With low consumer confidence and declining footfall...

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Ed’s Easy Diner – Strategy or Execution?

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 04 January 2017

The American retro style casual dining brand Ed’s Easy Diner has hit tough times. The operator, which specialises in all-American fare complete with burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes.

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A festive outlook for retail?

Author: Heidi Roberts, 21 December 2016

The Christmas shopping period got off to a bumpy start, but whatever the outturn, FSP will monitor and report on Christmas Sales in January

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FSP View – Vinyl turning the tables

Author: Bekki Bedford, 16 December 2016

With the recent news that sales of vinyl have overtaken those of digital for the first time in the UK, FSP takes a look at its resurgence over the past year.

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Black Friday – an online success?

Author: Bekki Bedford, 09 December 2016

Following our blog last month on what we thought Black Friday would bring to the UK retail industry, FSP now takes a look at whether the event was the online success it was forecast to be.

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FSP View: Post-Christmas Blues

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 08 December 2016

Some of the more eager folk will have barely let their Christmas meals settle before rushing off to the post-Christmas sales. Shoppers in the UK spent an estimated £3.74bn on Boxing Day last year.

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Forty Years of FSP

Author: Ken Gunn, 03 November 2016

FSP is celebrating its 40th anniversary today and we are proud that we provide our services to more clients, in more countries than at any other time in our history

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