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Location, Format, Stock and Catchment - building blocks for the Retail Experience

Author: Andy Stringer, 20 December 2017

FSP's Andy Stringer takes a look at the highs and lows for retailers through 2017 and shares his thoughts on what 2018 may bring

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FSP View – Black Friday, Cold Christmas?

Author: Ken Gunn, 14 December 2017

There is a long held adage in retailing that ‘Sales are vanity and profits are sanity’. As commentators focus on top line sales growth at this time of year, FSP looks at why stepping back to look at this is so important.

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What's in store for retail in 2018?

Author: Marketing, 05 December 2017

FSP Managing Director Ken Gunn featured in a Property Week article assessing the current retail landscape and what 2018 may hold.

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The Demographics of Generations

Author: Andy Stringer, 20 November 2017

Is the demographic variance more of a challenge than e-commerce for the retail sector?

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Retail Update - November 2017

Author: Bekki Bedford, 16 November 2017

FSP’s SnapShop brings you a snapshot of the UK retail environment for the last month.

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FSP View – Try Before You Buy

Author: Catherine Fenning, 16 November 2017

Each week retailers seem to announce yet another gimmick to cut themselves an ever increasing slice of the consumer spending pie - Cathy Fenning takes a closer look

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Accessible Retail 2017 – Room for Improvement

Author: Natasha Hewitt, 20 October 2017

FSP’s Andy Stringer and Natasha Hewitt attended this year’s Accessible Retail conference in London last week, ‘Room for Improvement’

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Celebrating 25 years of Retail Education and Research at Loughborough University

Author: Andy Stringer, 03 October 2017

FSP’s Andy Stringer and Kate Bickerton enjoyed a thought-provoking day at Loughborough University last week, which was celebrating 25 years of its Retail Management Course.

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Designer Babies: Have you got enough space for the growing childrenswear market?

Author: Kate Bickerton, 07 September 2017

FSP's Kate Bickerton looks at the expanding childrenswear market and the impact social media is having on this rate of growth.

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The Power of the Pop-Up

Author: Catherine Fenning, 11 July 2017

FSP's intrepid Cathy Fenning explores the lessons from the pop-up phenomenon in London's retail world

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