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Not all doom and gloom in the F&B market

Author: Jo Biddle, 07 March 2018

Following the shocking start to 2018 in the F&B market, FSP consultant Jo Biddle takes a look at the newcomers and growers in the sector, and what they are doing differently to attract customers.

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FSP View – Online vs. In-store

Author: Andrew McVicker, 07 February 2018

FSP Sales Director Andrew McVicker looks at the shift away from making purchases in store by large portions of the population, and the need for both landlords and retailers to better understand the role of the physical store.

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FSP View: In-store concessions; speed dating in the retail world

Author: Andy Stringer, 22 January 2018

FSP Associate Director Andy Stringer takes a look at the format that is driving lots of retail growth currently – Store Concessions.

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FSP Christmas Commentary Continued

Author: Marketing, 15 January 2018

With more results announced, we can see that Christmas has produced some pleasant surprises and, as last year, some impressive total sales changes, driven mostly by online....

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FSP View – Black Friday, Cold Christmas?

Author: Ken Gunn, 14 December 2017

There is a long held adage in retailing that ‘Sales are vanity and profits are sanity’. As commentators focus on top line sales growth at this time of year, FSP looks at why stepping back to look at this is so important.

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FSP View - Worrying times for retailers

Author: Bekki Ellis, 06 December 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, the recent spell of administrations shows that retail is facing a tough time. FSP can draw on its 40 years experience in the market and vast retailer knowledge to help you navigate these challenging times.

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FSP View – Try Before You Buy

Author: Catherine Fenning, 16 November 2017

Each week retailers seem to announce yet another gimmick to cut themselves an ever increasing slice of the consumer spending pie - Cathy Fenning takes a closer look

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What F&B opportunities are on the menu?

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 01 November 2017

At FSP we are permanently tapped into the news in the retail and leisure market. Harri looks into the recent mixed set of news from the F&B industry and how FSP can help you.

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FSP View – Understanding retail performance is key

Author: Andrew McVicker, 20 October 2017

Shopping habits and behaviours have changed over the last few years. FSP's Andrew McVicker explores the assumption that high street fashion is, in particular, being critically challenged by online.

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A roaring success for the new Debenhams store, but how will it impact existing sales?

Author: Natasha Hewitt, 05 October 2017

FSP Analyst Tish Hewitt visits Debenhams’ new store at Roaring Meg Retail Park in Stevenage, examining the major changes in store and discusses the impact on both Roaring Meg and nearby existing stores.

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