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A roaring success for the new Debenhams store, but how will it impact existing sales?

Author: Natasha Hewitt, 05 October 2017

FSP Analyst Tish Hewitt visits Debenhams’ new store at Roaring Meg Retail Park in Stevenage, examining the major changes in store and discusses the impact on both Roaring Meg and nearby existing stores.

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What’s on the MENU – FSP’s F&B Demand Segmentation

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 14 September 2017

FSP’s Harri Jaaskelainen talks about how our new F&B demand segmentation model, MENU, following six months of statistical analysis and modelling, can help you.

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Designer Babies: Have you got enough space for the growing childrenswear market?

Author: Kate Bickerton, 07 September 2017

FSP's Kate Bickerton looks at the expanding childrenswear market and the impact social media is having on this rate of growth.

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Breakthrough for Bracknell

Author: Marketing, 04 September 2017

FSP associate consultant Miranda Botcherby shares her views on Bracknell's repositioning

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way to shop

Author: Heidi Roberts, 18 August 2017

FSP looks at experience versus necessity in today's retail environment.

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Thinking like a Tourist

Author: Ken Gunn, 25 July 2017

With the summer slowdown getting underway, FSP has turned its attention to the UK tourist market this month. The UK boasts some very impressive tourism statistics.

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Squeezed in the Middle: The struggle is real for mid-market retailers

Author: Olivia Gannon, 16 June 2017

FSP's Olivia Gannon takes a look at the middle-market of fashion retailing, exploring why these retailers are struggling having dominated the market for years.

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FSP View – Multi-fascia retailing

Author: Sophie Pisano, 08 June 2017

FSP looks at the concept of multi-fascia retailing as the growth of multichannel retailing and changing shopping behaviours leads to many retailers' store portfolios containing too many large store formats than is needed to gain a reasonable reach.

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FSP View – Insta-Retail, Instagram Announces ‘Shoppable’ Feature

Author: Natasha Hewitt, 19 May 2017

Instagram’s Shoppable feature gives retailers a new, dynamic, way of engaging with their customers. FSP’s Tish Hewitt explores this development and how retailers can pick up this new challenge to make technology work for them.

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FSP View – Landlords: Managing your retailer lease renewals

Author: Andrew McVicker, 04 May 2017

Using our understanding of asset management activity, FSP looks at maximising occupancy, maintaining footfall and focus upon delivering the strongest opportunities for growing sales and rental income.

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