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Engaging at MAPIC

Author: Heidi Roberts, 16 November 2017

FSP team has a successful day discussing retail property investment and development strategy

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MAPIC 2017 - the FSP team in Cannes

Author: Heidi Roberts, 15 November 2017

The FSP team is at MAPIC ready to discuss all aspects of your investments in retail property

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FSP Outlet Event

Author: Marketing, 06 July 2017

FSP thanks clients, partners and colleagues who joined FSP's first Outlet Industry Breakfast Seminar

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MAPIC: The diversity of the challenge

Author: Heidi Roberts, 17 November 2016

FSP Consultants at MAPIC have found huge variety in the conversations they’re sharing. Discussions have covered

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MAPIC – speaking the language

Author: Heidi Roberts, 16 November 2016

MAPIC: To the outsider (or anyone landing inadvertently on the multi-lingual twitter feed) this appears to be the babel of the retail property industry. But one common language is spoken; international retail real estate development.

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Keeping an open perspective - MAPIC 2016

Author: Ken Gunn, 07 November 2016

We’re just over a week away from MAPIC 2016, the international retail property conference. Team FSP is looking forward to joining our colleagues from the retail...

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FSP View: Are consumers driving up the costs of C&C, and how can retailers adapt to this?

Author: Melanie Marriott, 20 September 2016

There are many of us out there, who buy lots of clothes online, in one go, knowing we will return at least one item (taking advantage of the retailer’s free returns policy of course!).

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FSP at BCSC 2016 – shaping the future of retail property

Author: Andrew McVicker, 14 September 2016

The FSP team is thrilled to be in Manchester at BCSC. It’s a city we know well; we have spent many years working with the Arndale Centre (one of Europe’s largest inner city shopping centres)...

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Retail Development in our Changing World

Author: Andrew McVicker, 02 September 2016

Two months on from the decision to exit the EU, you could be forgiven for thinking that not much has changed; parliamentary recess has meant little progress on what shape Brexit will take or when in fact, Article 50 will be invoked.

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Shaping tomorrow’s shopping centre experience – BCSC 2016

Author: Heidi Roberts, 23 August 2016

With less than a month to go, the FSP team is, quite literally, setting out its stall for BCSC 2016. The shopping centre environment is evolving every day.

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