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Location does not matter when it comes to burgers…

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 14 July 2017

FSP's Harri Jaaskelainen looks at the competition faced in the burger market and the surprise fall of Handmade Burger Co. into administration.

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New Food Frontiers

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 02 June 2017

FSP Consultant Harri Jaaskelainen explores what's new in F&B

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Brexit and The Future of the Middle-Market

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 06 April 2017

FSP’s expert on the food service sector, Harri Jaaskelainen explores the problems which may arise after Brexit if potential changes to immigration affect the pool of employees.

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FSP View: Will F&B Remain the Great Retail Saviour?

Author: John Fell, 22 February 2017

Here at FSP, whilst on balance being highly positive about the future for F&B in retail environments, we are cautious about some of the signals that it’s impossible to ignore.

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Ed’s Easy Diner – Strategy or Execution?

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 04 January 2017

The American retro style casual dining brand Ed’s Easy Diner has hit tough times. The operator, which specialises in all-American fare complete with burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes.

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Breakfast at Shopping Centres – The Untapped Market Opportunity

Author: Harri Jaaskelainen, 23 November 2016

With the rise of online shopping and the term experience economy floating freely around, a lot of discussion is currently taking place on the importance of shopping centres providing an all-round experience that delivers customers value...

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FSP View: Food & Beverage – Are You Full Yet?

Author: Andrew McVicker, 08 September 2016

Food & Beverage (F&B) has long been used by physical retail locations as a way of creating an experience and proposition that cannot be replicated online. As such, the growth of the F&B market has been huge

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FSP View – A Fresh Approach to Grocery Shopping?

Author: Natasha Hewitt, 03 August 2016

The way we approach our food shop may be about to change, with the introduction of Amazon’s latest development, Amazon Dash.

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FSP View – Crash Diet?

Author: Ken Gunn, 19 May 2016

According to George Bernard Shaw, “there is no sincerer love than the love of food”. This belief has traditionally been shared by many investors, who have built up substantial portfolios of supermarkets in the UK.

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FSP View: Grab & Go – Gone?

Author: Jo Hewson, 21 April 2016

F&B, particularly casual dining, is the current success story for shopping centre owners. The market welcomes new entrants almost weekly, competition for space is strong and rents are at good levels.

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