Author: Sam Fox, 28 September 2017

While on a site visit to Glasgow, FSP senior consultant Sam Fox paid a visit to the new Tim Hortons store on Argyle Street.

With so many operators in the coffee market, it’s difficult to see where there’s a gap in the market for a new entrant. However, Tim Hortons has arrived from Canada (where it’s their number one coffee shop) and may be coming soon to a town near you.

Tim Hortons

The store is reportedly a huge success - on opening day there were queues around the block. Admittedly my visit was at a peak time, just before 9am, but the store was extremely busy, a consistent queue but due to volume of customers rather than slow service - with 10 people behind the counter taking and making orders wait time to be served is minimal. 

It feels like a cross between Costa and McDonald’s - both in terms of appearance and offer. The breakfast menu looks as though it’s directly challenging the latter - it would be interesting to understand whether the McDonald’s store opposite has taken a hit since Tim Hortons opened.


As a non-coffee drinker I can’t speak as to the quality of their coffee - the range isn’t as wide as Starbucks etc. but at the time of my visit the French Vanilla was a popular choice. I can confirm that their tea is very good, with the added benefit that the tea bag had been removed by the time you’re served - my local station cafe (Little Italy) is the only other place I’ve come across that does this - both companies clearly understand that tea drinkers can be in a hurry as well!

I would have loved to have taken a box of ‘Timbits’ back to my colleagues but having been advised that they’re best on the day of purchase, I didn’t want to give them a poor first impression - the birthday cake balls are apparently a popular choice which I may have to come back at a later date to sample. 

With ambitious expansion plans, Tim Hortons will soon become a common site across the UK but are they the right choice for your asset? 

Tim Hortons

FSP’s new F&B segmentation, MENU, can help you understand the most appropriate offer to serve your current and potential customers.

Equally, if you’re an expanding brand (hello Tim Hortons) and you want to understand the most appropriate areas for expansion - FSP associate director Andy Stringer is well placed to assist.

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