Author: Marketing, 14 July 2017

Evesham and Leith amongst the top 50 worst towns in the UK? Brexit voting preferences driving footfall? Reigate more ‘vibrant’ than London’s West End? M&S under threat of closure in Southampton? Barnsley amongst the top opportunities for out of town development in the UK?.  We’ve seen it all in the press in recent weeks and could be forgiven for wondering if we have been unwittingly transported to a surreal alternate reality.  Much as though the idea of goldfish nibbling our toes on a desert island appeals at this time of year, it is in fact the silly season; the three months of the year when news is light, the lawyers are on holiday, journalists get lazy, analysts get creative and the property industry collectively suspends its disbelief.

While it is of course, great to see evidence supporting real estate decisions, these recent headlines only serve to reaffirm FSP’s view that in today’s world of ‘big data’, the absence of retailing experience and common sense is more likely than ever to lead to expensive mistakes. 

At FSP, we challenge every number, explore every theory and ensure that we only use the most robust data; so that when we present solutions, our Clients know that they are reliable, sustainable and future proofed.  FSP may not have the wizziest charts, the slickest presentations or claim to do ‘amazing things with information’ but what we do really well is to apply the essential business sense and retailing insight that is always absent from pure data analysis.  So if you need to truly understand what is going on, like your big data to be accompanied by big insight and prefer to make your mistakes on paper, keep calm and work with FSP.  

keep calm

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