Author: Bekki Bedford, 06 December 2017

With the administration of footwear retailer Shoon swiftly followed by the demise of furniture retailers, Feather & Black and Multiyork, UK retail is certainly facing a tough time. The quarter rent day and the fickle Christmas shopper both present a challenge to even the most well-established brand

Add to the mix Brexit and a downturn in consumer spending and it seems questions beget more questions. The future of retail as we head into 2018 looks as clear as Aunt Nelly’s eggnog, with struggling brands - notably the fashion multiples – giving anyone with an interest in retail property a bit of a headache

Christmas shopping

Here at FSP, our experience of 40 years in the retail property industry is supported by our extensive bank of retailer knowledge and data, covering everything from store numbers and type, through bespoke categorisation, to full financial analysis of annual accounts.

Our team monitors the new entrants to the market which are hoping to get a foothold in the UK, and track administrations as evidenced in the Births & Deaths graph on Retail Pulse.

We believe that those who understand the past own the present, and those who understand the present own the future, so although we cannot see into a crystal ball to predict the future, we can call upon this knowledge to gain further insight into the behaviour of retailers and have an informed opinion of how we think the immediate future may go for them.

We share our knowledge with you by focussing on a few key retailers in Retail Pulse each month, but should you require more in-depth analysis please contact Heidi to discuss your requirements. 

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