Author: Heidi Roberts, 29 August 2017

Cathy Fenning, Associate Consultant at FSP has been fortunate to have worked on a range of projects throughout London and I think she’s therefore developing into a bit of a London expert.  In particular, her knowledge of King’s Cross presents a whole different picture of the area, compared with that of my youth, when it was synonymous only with red lights. Cathy has been working with Argent, alongside our own John Fell, to help tap into the potential of this vast area:


Over the past few years, FSP's research has provided Argent with in-depth understanding of the current and future potential of King's Cross as a retail and leisure destination, helping to inform key strategic decisions.

Frederique Siegel, Project Manager, Argent

King's Cross - Coal Crops Yard. Argent CGI

We have been delighted to work with Argent towards realising the full potential of this unique and historic site, set to become one of London’s most exciting retail destinations.

Cathy Fenning, Associate Consultant, FSP

King's Cross Granary Square - Argent CGI
King's Cross
King's Cross Granary Square - Argent CGI

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