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How are retailers performing so far this Christmas?

Author: Marketing, 19 December 2014

It has been reported that retailers are pinning their hopes on a sales surge in the last five days before Christmas and for the 23rd December to be the busiest trading day, as it has proven to be in previous years. However, it has also been reported

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FSP View – Christmas Sales

Author: FSP Retail, 18 December 2014

At FSP we are often asked for a pre-Christmas tip, but we have no crystal ball. What we do have is an extensive database recording the rise and fall of all UK retailers over the years. Along with this, our deep insight into UK retailing ensures we un

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Pop-up stores show their real value pre-Christmas

Author: Marketing, 12 December 2014

Pop-up shops are an increasingly established concept in the retail sector. Back in August we questioned whether pop-ups would be a passing phase, or a key future trend. As we get closer to Christmas, we’re seeing more brands innovate through pop-ups

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Click and Collect to boost retailer Christmas sales?

Author: FSP Retail, 09 December 2014

With the seemingly unstoppable rise of e-commerce throughout 2014, this festive season will prove just how far the convergence of on and offline retail has come through the use of click and collect (C&C) services. This Christmas, many retailers hav

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Product Focus: Pre-Acquisition

Author: Marketing, 03 December 2014

Pre-acquisition is an increasing part of FSP’s work and it’s easy to see why – whilst there is a lot of standard data around, our clients are looking for this to be supported by an overlay of retail insight delivered by a team which has a deep unders

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The MAPIC Experience 2014

Author: FSP Retail, 28 November 2014

MAPIC, the international retail property market organisation, celebrated 20 years at its annual retail property event between the 18th - 21st November in Cannes, France. The FSP team met old and new friends and the hosting was fantastic

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The Role of the Christmas Catalogue…

Author: FSP Retail, 25 November 2014

With a month to go until Christmas Day, the festive season has well and truly arrived for retailers. Stores have been decorated with tinsel, TV output is being taken over by tear-jerking adverts and, perhaps more unusually in today’s digital world, C

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FSP View - Black Friday

Author: FSP Retail, 21 November 2014

With Black Friday only a week away, FSP has taken a look to see how the term was first coined and the impact it will have on UK retail this year. The term Black Friday comes from the Philadelphia Police Department who, during the 1950s and 60s, gav

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Will Click and Collect be the traditional High Street’s salvation?

Author: Marketing, 13 November 2014

A common belief amongst UK consumers and retail business owners is that the digital age is killing the High Streets across the UK’s town centre destinations. However, this may not be the case.

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Click and Collect: Retailer Highlights

Author: Marketing, 06 November 2014

We’re talking a lot about Click and Collect, a key trend in 2014 which those in the retail industry need to be thinking about. Some retailers are already using C&C and the opportunities of online to their advantage. Here are some examples of retailer

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