Christmas sales reports are a unique opportunity to compare and contrast many different retailer performances at a moment in time.  While reporting protocols may vary the headlines in the days after the Christmas break soon produce a sense of winners and losers.

FSP has been recording Christmas Sales results for many years and below we will be presenting the latest data as the picture unfolds.

With more results announced, we can see that Christmas has produced some pleasant surprises and, as last year, some impressive total sales changes, driven mostly by online....

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Like-for-Like Averages by Group

LfL Averages by Group

Number of retailers by category in this sample: 

  2015/2016 2016/2017 2017/2018
Leisure 7 5 4
Grocery 10 14 15
Food & Beverage 4 7 2
Household 4 8 7
Clothing & Footwear 13 10 21
Department Stores 6 6 5
Personal 7 4 7


All Retailers

Retailer results by Merchandise Groups can be seen below the results for All Retailers.

Christmas Sales

3 Year Comparison

3 year comparison

Merchandise Groups - Department Stores 

Department Stores

Merchandise Groups - Personal Goods

Personal Goods

Merchandise Groups - Clothing & Footwear

Clothing & Footwear

Merchandise Groups - Household Goods

Household Goods

Merchandise Groups - Leisure Goods

Leisure Goods

Merchandise Groups - Grocery


Merchandise Groups - Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Merchandise Groups - Online Sales


Christmas Trading and Administrations

FSP records Christmas casualties as those who fail during the key period of 22 December to end January. So far this Christmas has seen no retailers hit the buffers. A number of businesses teeter on the brink – Toys R Us announced a CVA in December which will see the closure of 26 stores; and, in the new year, both Byron and New Look are rumoured to be drawing up CVA plans which could see the closure of up to 20 restaurants and 60 shops respectively. Jamie’s Italian has also announced the closure of 12 UK restaurants following a restructuring review of the business. 

The number of retailers recorded on SnapShop entering administration across the whole of each of the past 10 years is:

2017 - 20
2016 – 13
2015 – 4
2014 – 9
2013 – 43
2012 – 44
2011 – 57
2010 – 42
2009 – 93
2008 – 56


FSP Christmas Sales Report Methodology

  • FSP seeks to gain an accurate review of the Christmas period, hence the period end date must be at least Christmas Eve and no later than the end of January; the period must be 13 weeks or less 
  • Sales are as quoted by the retailers with Total sales invariably including Online, unless for a specific division, and Like-for-Like being for comparable stores
  • Online Sales, where quoted as a separate figure, are always shown as Total changes
  • Graphs are ranked in order, highest to lowest, first by Like-for-Like change, then by Total change

FSP has gone to its best efforts to ensure this data is correct but the author reserves the right not to be responsible for the accuracy of information provided.