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27 November 2012

Manchester City Centre

The Overview

Manchester City Council (MCC) wishes to develop transport, marketing and other strategies to promote the City Centre more effectively through better understanding the profile of its users and their shopping requirements. Recognising that shopping patterns are dynamic, interviews have been conducted at seven locations across the City Centre and repeated throughout the year to pick up Peak, Off-Peak and seasonal shoppers/visitors.

The Opportunity

Of the eleven major UK regional cities, Manchester has the largest catchment population by far but only the second highest number of shoppers. Manchester’s shopping provision is large and well-regarded but MCC is seeking ways of developing it still further.

The Result

In such a large market, even small percentages represent substantial market opportunities. By understanding and satisfying the requirements of each different market segment, whether luxury, ethical or value, whether local or regional, shopper satisfaction and expenditure can be increased.

FSP’s detailed survey techniques have highlighted areas within the catchment where shopper numbers show potential for development. They also point to specific consumer segments where seasonal use of the city centre is strong and which clearly offer greater potential if these shoppers can be motivated to use Manchester on a more frequent basis.

This information is now being used by management teams within MCC to look deeper into developing its own strategic response to FSP’s conclusions and recommendations.