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09 February 2016

FSP was commissioned to help the client gain valuable insight into customer feedback on their new store concepts, packaging and product ranges.

Business Context

The client specialises at retailing towels, bathrobes and bedlinen in stores throughout the UK. The company sells online and in Europe, the U.S. and Australia. The company has a long-term relationship with tennis, producing the towels used by players on court at Wimbledon since 1987.
Their UK business is predominantly via department stores and concession stores and a small number of outlet centres.

The ChallengeConcept Testing for Retailers

The client’s primary channels of distribution for the UK were department store and concession led. The challenge was to create a flagship stand alone store that would represent the brand to its full capacity whilst testing new concepts and products for future store roll out. Using qualitative research, FSP advised on the key requirements of consumers that would give the store the best chance of success. It was essential that the concept was in tune with the behaviour, merchandise expectation and locational requirements of key customer groups.

What We Did

FSP worked closely with the client to identify the areas where qualitative research could support with detailed feedback. This was used in conjunction with desk- based analysis to provide a fully informed set of results.

  • Qualitative research: FSP ran a series of focus group split by geographical location and family composition. Participants were hand picked, utilising a careful screening process to represent the brands true customers in key trading locations. Questions were closely in line with the required aspirations from the clients internal teams
  • Customer profiling: FSP analysed existing customer postcode data by demographic profile, allowing an estimate of penetration by shopper type to be made. The ideal shopper could then be evaluated and was used to identify ideal benchmark locations for future store expansion, in light of current concession footprint and complementary retailers.


The feedback was evaluated and presented with recommendations to the client’s board, where it was used to shape the location, look and feel of the brand throughout all its consumer touchpoints.