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03 November 2017

Blanchardstown Centre Case Study
  • Brief

Blanchardstown Centre, bought by Blackstone in 2016 and asset managed by Multi Ireland, was seeking a detailed understanding of its catchment and shopper attitudes. In addition, an impact assessment was required to ascertain how retail developments in the region might affect future trading and tenant mix.

  • Issues 

•    How extensive is Blanchardstown’s catchment?
•    What levels of shopper penetration are achieved by catchment zone?
•    What is the profile of shoppers and how does it vary according to each catchment zone?
•    What are the in-depth attitudes and opinions of Blanchardstown’s shoppers?
•    Given the known, large-scale retail developments in the region what are their anticipated effects on the market available to Blanchardstown
•    In which areas of Blanchardstown’s catchment can the Centre exert a greater influence
•    Which retailers absent from the Centre might best meet future shopper needs and aspirations

  • What FSP Did – Base Research

•    Produced catchment, demographic profile and market size
•    Conducted detailed shopper surveys 
•    Analysed the Trading Gap – turnover growth potential at merchandise group level
•    Quantified nature and scale of F&B opportunity at Blanchardstown
•    Carried out full capacity and impact study  
•    Reviewed absent retailers and profiled using FSP’s segmentation systems

  • Key Outputs

•    Full research report 
•    Presentation to management team
•    Information for leasing brochure, B2B and B2C marketing
•    Provided basis for responding to future bespoke requests relating to retailer performance


We needed a clear understanding of Blanchardstown’s catchment opportunities as well as an overview of shopper behaviour and insight into the effect of future retail developments. Accuracy, speed and depth of detail were paramount and we are pleased to say that the FSP team delivered exactly what we wanted.

Dominic Deeny, Managing Director, Multi Ireland