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02 November 2017

Acuitis UK


Acuitis is a French optical company with over 40 stores operating in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The company had identified a potential trading opportunity in the UK and sought insight into the most appropriate locations for prioritisation.


  • What size is the UK market for Acuitis products?
  • Who are the main competitors and which sectors of the UK market do they address?
  • Which shopper groups are high priority for Acuitis and what is their spending power?
  • Where are key groups of shoppers to be found in highest density and volume?
  • Which locations offer the best opportunity for the first phase of Acuitis development?
  • What level of turnover is feasible in each location?

What FSP Did – Base Research

  • Field visit to Bordeaux to gain familiarisation of Acuitis product/proposition
  • Reviewed the UK hearing/optical market sizes by region and in total
  • Identified main market players, number of stores, average store size, total sales, sales density, market positioning
  • Provided insight on future hearing aid/optical market potential
  • Analysed demographic characteristics and spending power of potential Acuitis locations within specific zones

Key Outputs

  • Detailed research report
  • Fully operational desktop location model with dashboard allowing Acuitis to allocate weightings to selected factors and adjust target location rankings
  • Interactive development map displaying key data
Acuitis - Tottenham Court Road, London

We needed a clear understanding of the prioritised location opportunities for Acuitis to assist leasing negotiations and management planning. It was important for us to understand, in detail, which towns and cities offered potential for Acuitis and what levels of turnover might be expected. FSP delivered everything we needed and provided useful tools for us to review and adjust our thinking as the roll-out progresses.

Diane Newman, Acuitis UK