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Retail Parks are much less likely than Shopping Centres to have basic information such as weekly entrant numbers and catchment area. Low service charge has typically limited capacity for marketing and consumer research. However in an increasingly competitive climate Retail Parks need to understand their shopper and present compelling evidence to target retailers.

FSP recognises the challenge to provide cost effective information and has designed bespoke research to address client issues and improve asset value.

FSP works across all stages of Retail Park development and Asset Management including:

  • Impact Studies - Identifying potential for development
  • Pre Acquisition - Performance and opportunity assessment
  • Market Intelligence - Understanding market size and market gaps. Detailed Shopper research to measure performance
  • Marketing - Information to inform marketing teams
  • Retailer Risk Analysis - Assessment of tenant vulnerability
  • Leasing Support – Information to persuade target retailers of the profit opportunity including benchmarking against Similar Locations

FSP has a wide background of retail park experience, including Bulky Goods Parks, Shopping Parks and Leisure Parks.

FSP has developed a comprehensive Out Of Town database to supply cost effective catchment and market data. Contact FSP to find out more.

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"The FSP research helped our understanding of the Park’s shoppers and provided information that assisted our discussions with target retailers. The bespoke reports provide key benchmark statistics and quantify the profit opportunities to retailers. They also help illustrate to landlords the scope for future growth and can formulate part of an asset management strategy."

Mark Phelps

Wilkinson Williams

“I am very pleased to have given the approval to the research as this really does appear to me to be money well spent.”

Robert Wood
Fund Manager
Continental European Real Estate

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“" FSP's SnapShop service is a very convenient and accessible digest of retail intelligence used widely used throughout our business .Over the years it has helped support the development of our deep retailer relationships providing invaluable insight into our core customers businesses."”

Kenneth Ford
Chief Executive
Capital & Regional
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